Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week 5


This week, we have been using multiplicative thinking, equal groups, and fair shares to share out.
We looked at problems like: there are 20 children in the class. They need to be placed into equal groups. How many different ways can we group the children. We used counters to show our groups.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did some more problems like that but we drew pictures of our arrays and then we did it with the animal arrays.

Animal Arrays

With the animal arrays, we also investigated how many ways we could show the same numbers. For example, we could show 24 animals by using arrays of 6 groups of 4 or 8 groups of 3... as well as other ways.

On Friday, we took pictures around the school of some of the 'groups of' things that we found in the school. Then we came back and shared our pictures and explained what they were groups of.

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