Sunday, 1 November 2015

Week 12

We discussed and discussed and discussed...
This week saw us spend a lot of time working on our understanding of fractions. That all proper fractions sit between zero and one on a number line. So that means all proper fractions a greater than zero and less than one.

We talked a lot about what the denominators and numerators told us and we helped each other to order the fractions on a number line.

...until we agreed.

Week 11

Sharing our fractions and mystery stars

This week we did lots of revision on fractions from last term.

We described fractions of shapes, sets, and numbers and we found the number in a set based on a given fraction. For example, we worked out that if we had half of 12, we would get 6.

We drew lots of pictures and wrote fraction number sentences to find the answers to problems.
Using our knowledge or arrays to help us with fractions

We also used our knowledge of times tables to identify an array of blocks and then we worked out how much in the halves, quarters and thirds.